When at the best in life, we perform better at work. And vice-versa!

September 5, 2023


Written by UJJI Team

🎯 Employee happiness has been increasingly linked to business success. Why?

Let’s consider four potential measures of corporate performance: employee productivity, employee retention, profitability and customer satisfaction. How does a happy workforce affect each of these?

💥 Happiness = Productivity

Happier employees are more engaged. And engaged employees show increased productivity. Studies show how happier workers use the time they have more effectively, increasing the pace at which they can work without sacrificing quality.

💥 Happiness = Employee Retention

Employees today are looking for far more than a paycheck. They want a sense of purpose and the chance to improve their work skills. The modern workforce feels more empowered to find happiness at work —and to leave their jobs if necessary to pursue that happiness.

💥 Happiness = Profitability

Low employee turnover means less resources invested in hiring and training new employees regularly. In a fast-paced environment, retaining existing employees builds loyalty, saves time and money.

💥 Happiness = Customer Satisfaction

Having employees who are happy with the circumstances of their work environment is associated with companies’ ability to deliver better customer satisfaction. A happy workforce tends to give an excellent impression throughout their interactions with customers, which increases customer loyalty and decreases effort spent on customer acquisition. So, employee happiness is linked to productivity. But how can one promote happiness in the workplace? Here are some of great ways to make your employees happier at work.

🎯 Promoting Workplace Happiness

✅ Encourage Self-development

Offer a program that focuses on improving and sustaining the health, wellbeing and productivity of employees. Providing effective tools that address challenges inside and outside the workplace, will help employees feel happy, confident, and enthusiastic. This will boost the potential of your employees and workplace productivity will continue to increase.

✅ Provide Training and Education

Providing relevant and consistent training and education is critical for enhancing employee performance. Acquiring skills that are fundamentals for the modern world of work will boost morale and drive productivity, engagement and retention. Encourage continuous learning and help your team unlock their A-game and become more effective in the workplace.

✅ Understand your teams' strengths and skill gaps

As a leader, it is your responsibility to help your team members thrive, but that cannot be achieved without understanding their learning and development needs. Get to know your team, understand what motivates them and which areas they need help with. This will not only convey a sense of trust and community within your organisation, but allow you to better train, describe job duties, and get the most efficiency out of your staff.

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