About Us

Think of UJJI as LaaS...
Your Learning as a Service!

We build AI-powered, bespoke training on the specifics of your business and deliver it in a way people actually engage with... no time or work required from you!


UJJI - उज्जि


Sanskrit for...
1. To win
2. To help one in winning

82% of scale-ups fail because teams have never scaled a business before.
Scale-ups that grow to make an impact in their fields are built by winning teams that are both, efficient and effective.

Fast-growing companies scale fast, hire just as quickly to keep up with expansion plans, but often times lack the time, budgets and knowledge to streamline processes and train people efficiently and effectively.

UJJI builds custom training sessions on anything specific to your business, from bespoke customer success processes to sales objection handling, HR policies to new hire onboarding and culture building.

You know those scattered documents, presentations, videos, URLs scattered all over the place? UJJI AI extracts the knowledge and builds your gamified training experiences for your teams. In minutes.

Whether it's processes, industry insights, or product updates, UJJI's got you covered.

Upskilling employees in fast-paced work environments
Our proprietary, neuroscience-backed and action-based learning methodology


Your teams smashing it in the virtual and real world.

Your teams winning in the virtual and real world.


What’s in it for employees and employers



Obtain the skills fundamental to thrive in the startup world


Get real-life rewards such as trials, gifts and discounts


Jump on training experiences together with team mates


Help your startup double down on your team's strengths



Offer an easy (and fun) way of learning the skills to smash it at work


Bring teams together regardless of where they're at and their roles


Leverage data to improve employees' work fundamentals


Improve productivity, engagement, retention and performance

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Meet the founders

Ludmila and Rafael have experienced years of lack of training, support and mentorship in fast-paced work environments. With 30 years experience combined in HR, career coaching, business development, marketing and data analytics, UJJI has designed an experience made to effectively and efficiently get scale-up teams up and running on their training and learning & development.


Oxford University

We are an Oxfordshire-based business incubated by OUI, connecting with some of the most well-known professionals in their respective fields of learning, science and business, looking to expand our knowledge throughout the UK and across the world.