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Maximise your startup's performance by unlocking your team's A-game

Unleash your team's full potential with an easy, fun and cost-efficient upskilling solution whilst driving productivity, engagement and retention


Inspire startup employees to smash it at work

Upskill your teams through our gamified learning and development experience

Get them all upskilling together

Create virtual and real-life experiences for your teams to boost their progression

Understand your team's strengths and weaknesses

Get aggregated data and insights for a better grip on your staff's unique profile

Create a culture of training from the start of your fast growing business in an easy, fun and affordable way

Remote and hybrid work makes it hard to acquire the skills needed to thrive in fast-paced environments. Help your employees obtain the fundamentals around leadership, problem solving, productivity, communications and adaptability - no matter where they're at.

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Obtain anonymised & aggregated data on your team's learning and development

Get access to behavioural insights for understanding their areas of improvement, delivering against your teams' needs and measuring key metrics such as engagement, retention, productivity and more!

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Inspire knowledge sharing through peer to peer interactions in the virtual and real world

Bring team mates together so your employees upskill in the areas that will get your startup moving forward - and fast! Through community building, your employees can together acquire the work fundamentals needed to thrive individually and boost business performance collectively.

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How many employees are on your organisation?

According to statistics from research based on the United Kingdom...

are dissatisfied
with life
are disengaged
at work
are thinking of changing
jobs in the next 3 to 6 months
lost as a consequence of
employee disengagement
lost as a result of
employee turnover

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"The experience is focussed on implementing the fundamental skills employees need, but it is done in a unique, and fun way that captures their attention. I believe that our career goals should support our life goals and the UJJI solution is working for everyone to have that..."

Isabel Sachs

Co-founder & CEO

"We have been working closely with UJJI for a while now... The feedback has been very positive across the board. There is no doubt the UJJI platform is a tremendous tool for skilling the new generation of work & we at Qinesis feel the UJJI platform adds real value to our teams."

Dr. Cham S. Kang


"UJJI has redefined the way we help staff develop their career through gamification. As someone navigating the world of talent recruitment and HR for years now, I know the importance of upskilling and resklling employees so they can deliver to their ultimate capabilities.

Hassan Khadra

co-founder & ceo

“Most ED-tech initiatives overpromise and underdeliver. They're built around the tech with not enough attention paid to learning science, and understanding how people learn. UJJI is has applied learning science from the start, using education approaches that are grounded in evidence and provide access to game-based skills development.

Angela Adams

Associate Director and learning architect

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have developed our very own methodology fuelled by our proven life coaching techniques. Our TEST-LEARN-PLAY-APPLY methodology is made up of UJJI sessions composed of gamified self-assessments, video and audio lessons, serious games and real-life tasks which draw from the world of life sciences, behavioural economics, psychology and neuroscience. We run scientific validation experiments with loyal samples of our audience with test vs control groups to see the impact of our UJJI sessions in people's life. All research rounds are led by renowned neuroscientists and psychology professionals from the University of Oxford.

  • As users engage with UJJI, the machine is constantly learning about their preferences and needs. This guarantees the platform is able to continue personalising their experience and provide more meaningful insights to our users. In other words, AI is there to help guide users towards the personal growth journey that is most relevant to them, ensuring time is well spent on collecting the learnings that are necessary to start achieving their life goals.

  • Each challenge contains data hooks in specific moments and areas of the journey. This is used to understand user's individual preferences and needs in order to train our machine learning and guarantee more individualised challenge recommendations. Moreover, employers have access to 100% aggregated and anonymised data on their staff to better understand their life and work needs, so they continue delivering against them, making the workplace healthier and happier. UJJI is committed to GDPR and its rules, but more than that, we envisage creating the genuine ethics and morals of data collection and application which the digital world lacks today. At UJJI, we believe data should only be collected and applied to deliver on our users best interests, providing them with legitimate real-life benefits.

  • The scientific community is beginning to question the efficacy of simple gamification when promising to deliver improvements that go beyond the company's needs. Instead, we're applying the concept of serious games. Studies show this method drives further scientific results and evidence across several fields of life. We're creating well-thought narratives combined with instructional design to create new neural pathways that truly drive behavioural change. Through scenario based learning, we've seen impressive results in our scientific validation experiments, bringing this game concept for the first time to the universe of coaching and personal development.

  • Not only do we want to provide users with social recognitions, we also want to offer them real life rewards such as gifts and discounts. So, let's say a challenge has determined you are not spending enough time with your family. One of your favourite ready-made meal brands could show up and offer you a free recipe cooking box for you to spend time with them on a Friday night. Or imagine if a challenge determines you are not dedicating enough time to physical activities... Your favourite sports brand could show up and give you a 25% discount on your next purchase. These are rewards that actually empower you in the present so you feel confident to continue progressing toward your future.

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