Trusted by some of UK's most innovative fast-scaling businesses


Trusted by some of UK's most innovative start-ups and scale-ups


Training specific to your business, no time or work required from you!

Stop repeating processes over and over again. Organise your knowledge into interactive, engaging training experiences that empower people to lead their work streams.

Turn knowledge into action with on-the-go bespoke training

UJJI piggybacks on our routine, tools and devices to make learning & development a habit; not another work task added to our plate.

Build your own learning modules for your team around the topics of importance for your company and plug it into UJJI’s gamified methodology.

Train your teams on the the behavioural skills for fast-paced work environments via the UJJI mobile-first experience.

Keep a finger in the pulse of your team’s strengths, skills gaps, behaviour biases and heuristics and mood over time.

Bring your people together via nudges and prompts on your Slack workplace and Microsoft Teams environment driving further knowledge sharing.

Drive healthy competition across your teams and fuel a culture of training and learning for continuous career progression and team development.

Internal knowledge swiftly spread across the business

Use AI to power training and turn your teams into a scale-up power house they can be

UJJI Bespoke ✨

Create custom micro-training on the knowledge and processes specific to your business and get your teams up and running on your product, culture, business and revenue models or anything really…

UJJI Pathways 🚀

Leverage off-the-shelf training on the skills required for the scale-up world such as agile product management, objection handling, social media presence, effective networking and a lot more!

Integrate UJJI into your workplace tools

Get your scale-up specific learning & development to weave into your tech stack

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No lengthy lock-up contracts and no ridiculously expensive subscripitions
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/month billed quarterly

/month billed yearly

* Tier based on company size

1 hour of micro-training created for your business

5 hours of micro-training created for your business

7 hours of industry-wide micro-training

35 hours of industry-wide micro-training

Real-time data and analytics

Access to UJJI app accross your entire team


For scaleups and SMEs




/month billed quarterly

/month billed yearly

* Tier based on company size

3 hours of micro-training created for your business

15 hours of micro-training created for your business

15 hours of industry-wide micro-training

75 hours of industry-wide micro-training

Real-time data and analytics

Access to UJJI app accross your entire team


For scaling businesses


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* Tier based on company size

Amount of hours based on your requirements

Amount of hours based on your requirements

Real-time data and analytics

Access to UJJI app accross your entire team

Smashing all the engagement rates seen in the market

Don’t just take it from us…

"They're addressing a very real and important challenge for businesses. The customer service experience with UJJI has truly been phenomenal. You can tell the team genuinely cares about getting great outcomes for their customers and wants to work alongside them as a partner."


Roei Samuel



“UJJI is great. Getting onboard with them and getting the team up and running was super easy, and it provides a fun, simple way for all of our team members to learn and grow. Especially for us as a fully remote company, it’s great to have a way to enhance soft skills.”


Jared Whitaker



"UJJI has made training for us, across the whole company, something that's enjoyable. It's taken learning away from the traditional lecture approach. Not only do our team members now learn new skills without investing much time which is key in today's workplace, it's helped my life at work a lot with the great analytics offered."


Aisha Rita Atta

Learning & development lead


“We're a very culturally diverse team working remotely. More than helping our people acquire skills such as conflict resolution and stakeholder management, UJJI has supported them to actually put learnings into practise. I have actually seen team mates applying many of the training they've gone through in real-life situations."


Alistair Baillie

Co-founder & CIO


“Most ED-tech initiatives overpromise and underdeliver. They're built around the tech with not enough attention paid to learning science, and understanding how people learn. UJJI is has applied learning science from the start, using education approaches that are grounded in evidence and provide access to game-based skills development.


Angela Adams

Associate Director and Learning Architect



Frequently Asked Questions

  • UJJI leverages industry leaders' experience combined with the expertise of our behavioural scientists and content writers to create a training experience people actually engage with. We have developed our very own gamified methodology called TEST-LEARN-PLAY-APPLY that helps structure active learning into on-the-go training plans that weave into our routines. We run scientific validation experiments with loyal samples of our audience with test vs control groups to see the impact of our UJJI sessions in people's life. All research rounds are led by renowned neuroscientists and psychology professionals in Oxford.

  • Following subscribing to the UJJI experience, your team onboarding will not take more than 3 minutes. UJJI has been developed for companies in fast-paced work environments so they do not have to set aside time - beyond what they can afford for - to their team's training and learning & development.

  • UJJI has been developed so training doesn't feel like another work task added to our plate. Research shows that when people see another learning & development course sent over to them and taking place in a web browser based tool, they immediately switch off. Hence the low adoption, engagement and retention rates we see across the industry. UJJI is a mobile-first learning experience piggybacking on all other devices and tools we already use at work every day.

  • Because of the way how UJJI has been developed in the first place, most of UJJI users end up completing their training and learning & development pathways in moments outside of work. It happens in their moment of commute, during coffee or lunch break and even when watching TV or walking the dog. The fun nature of UJJI helps people find time outside of work for their upskilling also because it impact their personal life beyond their careers.

  • Yes! UJJI has been developed to fit into the reality and cash flows of scale-ups. That's why we have no long, lock-up plans and contracts that tie you into the UJJI experience. UJJI subscriptions are also affordable and have require minimum number of seats. So, simply go for a 3-month subscription and cancel at any time if the renewal is not something you are foreseeing for your teams. Most of our customers do end up sticking around, though! =)

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