Strategising for Greater Gains

February 14, 2023


Written by UJJI Team

Strategising for Greater Gains

"A leadership culture is one where everyone thinks like an owner, a CEO or a managing director. It's one where everyone is entrepreneurial and proactive." — Robin S. Sharma

So, the excitement of working for a fast-paced and fast-growing company sets in. It’s exciting to be a part of something bigger and to really feel each minute of change as it occurs in real-time, especially when you’re taking on a role such as a start-up product manager, which serves as the middle point of UX, tech, and business.

The converging skills required to smash this role and go far in your start-up mean that your goal plan is nothing without a detailed strategy… you see, there’s scoring a goal, and that’s the bit we all focus on, but that can’t happen without aiming and kicking first. Then, when the ball is launched, that is the space between dream and reality, where a change is actually made and fostered with your team.

That’s why we have designed several audio pills to help you benefit from the time taken to strategise… For example, in Identifying and Managing your Resources pathway, you can:

  • Learn the importance of locating what resources there are around you to help initiate and propagate your actions.
  • Design a system which encourages you to assess the value of each resource.
  • Be creative, use tools to innovate your projects, and have a lateral view of what is out there to help you smash them!

You see, when you break it down into smaller steps instead of facing the challenge as a whole, you realise how capable you are of defeating the problems before you gain momentum in producing the work you can be proud of!

It doesn’t have to end there or even start there. So why not play Get Work Done to get the most out of your hours and learn how to beat procrastination ahead of planning?

This gamified experience will help train your brain to engage only with the relevant, timely, useful thoughts and ideas your mind conjures up at the moment. You don’t need us to tell you that most of our precious time isn’t lost to external distractors, but to the internal chatter we engage with instead of focusing on the productive thoughts conducive to our goal. So what are you waiting for? Learn to strategise before you act for greater gains and a little win each day!

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