Satisfying the Sales Role

March 26, 2023


Written by UJJI Team

Anyone presented with a Sales role must wear several different hats at once. As a sales team member, you are the face of the company and responsible for compromising an entire organization's ethos, energy, and values in a concise 15-minute call. The sales team represents the organization and all it stands for throughout each interaction with prospective clients.

To efficiently pitch and sell an idea, a salesperson needs an intimate understanding of the market and how their product is positioned within it. Also, a sales team member who lacks knowledge of the product and its significance in solving a problem will see this negatively reflected in their metrics and may meet obstacles when acquiring new customers.

As businesses most likely depend upon a sales team to acquire new customers, these workers are often expected to satisfy the criteria of the system's best-trained, sharpest, and most passionate members. At UJJI, we understand that a salesperson's job isn’t all about numbers and depends on a valuable skill set.

To learn more about efficiently conveying a concept, listen to a bite-sized Audio Lesson on Cialdini's Principles of Influence to better position yourself when pitching your business's purpose and beliefs.

Also, you can benefit from lessons on Using Inspirational Messaging to harness your capabilities of communicating the problem-solving or gap-bridging elements, how to keep people coming back, and to drive engagement to allow your value and the value of the business to shine!

Lastly, take a moment to hear out Filtering Out the Jargon to activate your conversational skills and connect with your audience to make them feel a part of the discussion, not outside of it. If you find any of these Audio Pills useful, share them with another friend on the Sales Team and thrive together!

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