How UJJI can help your team thrive (and your company succeed)

February 14, 2023


Written by UJJI Team

How UJJI can help your team thrive (and your company succeed)

UJJI is passionate about equipping professionals with the right skills to help them achieve success.

We believe that these important abilities must be developed by employees at all levels of your organisation, so they can reach their full potential and give your company a competitive advantage - particularly in uncertain times like now.

Our e-learning methodology uses games to help teams focus on five key areas that are essential for success in today's workplace.

  1. Adaptability - Introducing individuals to pathways that foster developing self-confidence, networking effectively, embracing change and building resilience.
  2. Problem solving - Tap into the power of freeing your creativity, optimising decision making, facilitating discussions and implementing your strategies.
  3. Productivity - Discover the ways to make technology work for you, maintain a healthy work-life balance, manage your time wisely and allocate resources efficiently.
  4. Communications - In this area, people can learn how to better interact with others through interpersonal communication and engage their audiences in purposeful dialogue. They can also sharpen their digital communication skills while managing complex conflicts and negotiations more effectively.
  5. Leadership - This focus area is tailored to provide aspiring and current leaders with the necessary skills, such as managing teams, owning your projects, giving and taking feedback, and activating an entrepreneurial mindset.

By focusing on certain areas, individuals can learn topics and skills that will enable them to confront the issues they encounter in their daily roles. For example, a Customer Success Manager could use these tactics to ensure the successful adoption of a new product, or your Tech team might effectively communicate with Sales about any risks and progress related to launching products.

If you want to build a productive and profitable business, then it is essential that you form powerful teams. The right tools are needed so that your people can take ownership of their tasks, encourage innovation, and be held accountable for the results. UJJI makes this process enjoyable while giving teams the confidence they need to succeed.

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