How Flowla synchronised Culture and Product Value to revolutionise seamless buying journeys

April 23, 2024


Written by UJJI Team

How Flowla synchronised Culture and Product Value to revolutionise seamless buying journeys

In the heart of an off-the-grid team retreat in Istambul, the Flowla team geared up for a game-changing mission: making the perfect segway between their product’s seamless B2B sales and customer support experience and the way team members perceive the business and brand. Recognising that success isn't just about software but the people behind it, Flowla leveraged UJJI AI to build a team experience that’d shake things up to elevate their culture.

The challenge: aligning the growing Flowla team on industry knowledge and business USP

As Flowla set its sights on scaling, the leadership team had in mind the inevitable challenge of maintaining cultural alignment amidst rapid growth. The leadership team foresaw the potential pitfalls—communication breakdowns, dilution of core values, and the risk of losing the close-knit camaraderie established in the early days of the business.

It was clear to Flowla founders that cultural alignment would be critical for navigating hurdles, turning potential roadblocks into stepping stones for sustained success as they continued to grow and innovate in the competitive buyer enablement landscape.

So, the idea of laid-back retreat vibes came to mind, but the one-off experience would need to scale alongside the journey of expanding the team, whilst introducing new dynamics into the mix.

The solution: transforming internal knowledge into a gamified culture training experience

Imagine the Flowla squad, breaking free from the hustle and bustle, swapping sales calls for bird calls. The retreat center provided the perfect backdrop to unplug and reset. However, Flowla didn’t just want to have a retreat to reach peak enlightenment by meditating on the wonders of spreadsheet balance whilst nibbling on kale chips and expanding consciousness through team-building exercises that are more like forced group therapy sessions than anything else. LOL

They wanted the retreat to actually be a strategising session on building a culture that would boost their B2B sales enablement superpowers.

We wanted an opportunity for our team members to exchange their knowledge and learnings on the industry, overall sparking insightful conversations that ensured every single team member is equally knowledgeable on the landscape, competition, and future potential of buyer enablement.”— Erdem, Co-founder & CEO of Flowla

Together with UJJI, Flowla doubled down on building a team experience that’d bridge the gap between the virtual and the real world, streamlining knowledge sharing through a fun, bespoke learning & development experience.

The process: turbocharging knowledge transfer right on the spot

The retreat kicked off with a serious powwow powered by UJJI AI’s capabilities of transforming existing internal knowledge into gamified micro-training experiences around the industry’s ins and outs, the competitive landscape and the venture’s core values and vision.

To strengthen the bonds that fuel teamwork, the crew dove into collaborative challenges. From brainstorms to problem-solving jams, the team laughed their way through activities designed to break down communication barriers.

A pathway called “Flowla in a Nutshell” was built by UJJI AI and launched on the mobile-first experience of each Flowla member. Facilitators led the team through the session to align industry knowledge with the company's mission. By kicking off with a gamified assessment, UJJI prompted the Flowla team on their familiarity with the specifics of the B2B sales and customer support vertical.

“We started with a quiz on the buyer enablement landscape, which was a great opportunity to fill in our information gaps, all the while gamifying the experience with a dose of healthy competition.” Dilara, Digital Marketing Specialist at Flowla

An audio lesson, or if you prefer, a podcast of around 8 mins was pulled together as the second step on the micro-training pathway, bringing together the specifics of the Flowla value proposition and beyond, seamlessly integrating team member on their way of doing things.

The session ended on a mix of real-life quests the team could choose from ranging from marketing & sales, to product development and customer success.

“We decided to brainstorm on the prompts as a team. Having everyone together in one place led us to draw from the ideas & thoughts of team members who perhaps don’t normally work in and contribute to that particular field, which led to some interesting and innovative ideas to surface that we decided to try in the future.” — Alper, Co-founder & CRO of Flowla

The result: leveraging team bonding to take the business to #1, quite literally

Today, those that see the Flowla team, even if from a distance on Linkedin for example, know there’s a strong team bonding in place. They’re just, super tight! Any venture would be jealous of it.

The team retreat decision would be later proved to be the key ingredient in sustaining the newfound team spirit whilst catapulting Flowla to even higher flights. Leveraging UJJI’s AI capabilities for transforming existing internal knowledge into a gamified micro-training experience that’d fuel their retreat proved to be a big hit amongst the team.

“It was the perfect experience to lead our team to bond, share knowledge, understand how one another operate, and most importantly, it opened doors for closer collaboration across our teams in the future.” Erdem, Co-founder & CEO

Fast forward a few months, and Flowla wasn't just a tool—it was a buyer enablement rockstar. Following what would be considered a real team win, Flowla made it to Product of the Day on Product Hunt with 1500+ upvotes. Not only that, they made it to Product of the Week and Product of the Month. Guess team alignment can really make an impact, eh?

Not that we had any role to play in this, but we’re extremely proud of our fellow client and partner. To even higher heights, Flowla team!

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