Creating Outreach Opportunities

March 26, 2023


Written by UJJI Team

One of the most prominent struggles for start-ups today is getting their name out there. There are countless businesses working hard to succeed, and not being able to market them correctly is a surefire way to drown.

Start-ups tend to do their utmost to perfect the product but often disregard the power of networking opportunities and their relevance for the future of the business. Still, one must remember: a single 5-minute conversation can immensely influence or even entirely change a start-up’s trajectory.

Focusing and harnessing soft skills in networking is one of the most extraordinary things one can do to demonstrate how determined they are to get the name of a business out there. Efficiently conveying a company’s vision, mission, and values during a concise interaction depends on valuable skills with which individuals can apply many networking principles. At UJJI, however, we want to give you the upper hand and a bit of an edge when it comes to networking effectively.

Does your product or solution actually answer the pain points of your potential customer?

What needs are you most successfully addressing with your solution?

Which companies have the best product/need fit?

These questions and problems can be addressed with just one conversation with the right individual or team.

To maximise your networking aptitude, listen to Networking Effectively - a short session on the UJJI app where you can learn about the pillars of communicating in the world of work.

Following this, it is vital to understand how to take charge and find that inner CEO, putting on your Business Development Hat and really taking it up a notch – so listen to Activating an Entrepreneurial Mindset!

Lastly, when your networking takes you far, and you can book exciting meetings with experienced people, listen to Leading and Facilitating Discussions. This will help you use your verbal aptitude in carrying a meeting and having fruitful conversations that can take you and your start-up further into the ever-increasing business market!

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