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March 26, 2023


Written by UJJI Team

It's no secret that sometimes the faint whispers of self-deprecation sound as loud as alarm bells when an important work opportunity arises. Suddenly, your confidence is nowhere to be found, even though it is single-handedly the essential element when expressing yourself professionally.

What good is preparing for a meeting with your boss if you can't even look them in the eye while speaking? How useful is memorizing every line before a company-wide presentation if your body language suggests you don't want to be there? The truth is: the brain has a funny way of working against itself sometimes and feeding on thoughts that hold us back from growing as a person.

Such self-deprecating thoughts are limiting beliefs, usually based on fear or self-doubt, and we tend to accept and acknowledge these beliefs over recognising our strengths and true potential.

These lying voices appear even louder ahead of new challenges, such as a big speech or applying for a promotion. For this reason, it is crucial to enrich the foundations of your thoughts regarding self-perception and carry a positive sentiment as you approach yourself and your work.

So, when discussing confidence, it all comes down to priming yourself with evidence of your capacity and potential. This way, you will learn that you shouldn't engage with every thought that comes up…

"I'm not good enough."

"Who cares anyway."

"I don't have enough time."

"My boss is never impressed with me."

"I can't inspire anybody."

These thoughts are usually just visitors, and they come and go depending on your self-worth.

Looking to identify your strengths and manage that internal chatter? UJJI has just the remedy for this… A subtle yet effective therapy that can help you bounce back from the attack of these beliefs and encourage you to find the confidence that emanates within. To defeat those negative thoughts, we recommend a game of Challenge Limiting Beliefs, where in a maze filled with the peril of dangerous self-talk, you, the hero, get to defeat it in real time by physically engulfing the thoughts designed to hold you back.

Or, even better, why not play and listen to UJJI's Self-Compassion bite-sized audio lesson? Once you have expelled your negative self-talk by playing Challenge Limiting Beliefs, you can fill the empty space in your mind with positive affirmations regarding who you are, the value you add, and the high levels you can reach once you give yourself a little more credit each day for what you bring to your workplace.

It doesn't have to end there either; there are several indispensable audio lessons on the UJJI app. These super-short podcasts encourage registering and activating different skills to benefit your professional development and career growth. If you still need to train your confidence in the workplace, you can listen to Optimise the Process with Nudging, Celebrate and Praise Yourself, Managing the Internal Chatter, and much more!

Prove to yourself that you're the boss and have what it takes to smash anything you set your mind to – all you need is for your mind to be on your side.

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