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What is UJJI?

The world's first game-based coaching platform for employee wellbeing

It’s a fun and rewarding personal growth journey to help you start winning in life. Actually, the name UJJI comes from Sanskrit and it means ‘to win’ and ‘to help one in winning’.

Everyone wants to win in life, but most people feel they simply don’t know how to get there. If you feel you’re also struggling to move forward, you’re not alone. A study has shown that 92% of people are giving up on their goals and dreams every year (Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute, 2019).

Here at UJJI, we believe you giving up is a waste of human power. That’s why we have transformed our proven life coaching techniques into games and activities that help you achieve your goals. We’re making personal growth fun and rewarding via a methodology backed by neuroscience, delivered by the concept of serious games and fuelled with artificial intelligence.

Firstly, the UJJI methodology has been developed off the back of techniques backed by neuroscience, guaranteeing legitimate scientific evidence. Each technique is validated by neuroscientists and psychologists from the University of Oxford. Secondly, unlike simple gamification, UJJI applies the concept of serious games to create well-thought narratives and instructional design resulting in scenario-based learning. And thirdly, users’ individual interaction powers the deep reinforced learning architecture which is constantly personalising the experience and providing meaningful insights for users.

The latest technology across these three elements have been brought together into a mobile app that will personalise your self-development experience towards your individual objectives and truly drive positive behavioural change.

Meet the team

Ludmila Milla


Over 15 years’ expertise in life coaching, project management, human resources and business development.

Rafael Guper


10 years’ experience in business strategy, marketing, digital & social advertising, data & insights and tech development.

Oxford University
Innovation Incubator

We are an Oxfordshire based business incubated by OUI. We're connecting with some of the most renowned professionals in their respective fields of gaming, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and business in search of expanding our solution throughout the UK and across the world.

A portfolio company of the Oxford University Innovation Incubator
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